The RSI Constellation Andromeda

Front View

Flight Mode

Cockpit View

Variants matrix


[ut_service_column headline=“Constellation Taurus“ align=“left“ width=“half“ effect=“slideInLeft“ last=“false“] Enjoy the adventure of a multi-crew Constellation on a budget! The Constellation Taurus is a dedicated freighter. Fully configurable but without all the bells-and-whistles, the Taurus is a great way to get started with crewed ships. [/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column headline=“Constellation Aquila“ align=“left“ width=“half“ effect=“slideInRight“ last=“true“]Explore any distant horizons! The Constellation Aquila features a redesigned cockpit for maximum visibility, advanced sensors and an onboard Ursa rover for planetary exploration. Let’s see what’s out there! [/ut_service_column]

The Manufacturers


Roberts Space Industries (RSI)

Roberts Space Industries (RSI)

The original creators of the engine that kickstarted humanity’s expansion into space, Roberts Space Industries build a wide range of spaceships that serve all needs starting at basic interstellar travel to deep exploration on the outer edges of the galaxy. The tagline is „Roberts Space Industries: Delivering the Stars since 2075“